Updated: 10/06/12 : 08:23:09
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Enjoy the Game - Call Sligo Home Deliveries and The Beer Taxi

Relaxed and happy at home, TV or X-Box providing great entertainment or enjoying the Irish team at Euro'12.

Maybe another bottle of your favourite wine or a few beers to compliment the meal. Are you over the limit for driving to the off-licence or supermarket?

What to do? Calling a taxi to pick up and deliver is too expensive - not an option.

Well the answer is here - Sligo Home Deliveries are on call to solve the problem at a very nominal charge - far less than being billed by any taxi.

The efficient and trusted service, with a reputation for courtesy and efficiency, have been operating in Sligo for many years and are easily recognizable in their liveried vans (pictured).

One phone call can complete your perfect night.

However it's not all about partying, Sligo Home Deliveries also provide an excellent service in picking up and delivering directly to your door any emergency supplies like passports, prescriptions, household items and even white goods like your new fridge or washing machine.

The only limitations being solid fuel like coal, briquettes or a full shopping list.

Using the unique service of the 'Beer Taxi' for alcohol or tobacco deliveries is permissible only when a Garda approved ID card/Passport/Driving Licence is presented before the items are delivered.

Make sure Sligo Home Deliveries are top of your contact list - you'll be glad of their service one day...maybe today!

Sligo Home Deliveries - 087-749 5604  /  086-386 8408