Updated: 10/06/12 : 08:30:12
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Look Better Naked & Mask the Marks

With ninety per cent of women getting stretch marks over their lifetime, stripping down—whether in a bikini at the beach, or fully naked — is enough to make even the most confident girl quake. Human+Kind All-in-One Body Oil’s soothing blend works hard to minimise the appearance of stretch marks and scars by nourishing and hydrating the stretch marks.

Weight and body-shape changes as well as pregnancy can all cause stretch marks to appear.  A stretch mark is a scar in skin where it has lost its elasticity at the dermis level.  Supercharged with organic sunflower and jojoba oil and nourishing emollients and packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, Human+Kind All-in-One Body improves skin texture to make stretch marks less visible with continued use.

Stretch marks can be found on many areas of the body, including tummies, breasts, bottoms, arms, thighs and backs - basically, any area of the body where there has been fast weight gain.   More than half the pregnant women get stretch marks sometime within the nine months. These lines start out as red or purple when new and gradually fade to an almost white lining when they have been around for a while.

The stimulating and antioxidant powers of Human+Kind All-in-one Body Oil invigorate the skin, eliminating toxins with each and every application as well as strengthening and toning the skin’s connective tissue. Added Vitamin E helps to firm the skin improving its appearance while also preventing stretch marks by increasing skin elasticity and suppleness.  Cold pressed wheat germ oil provides additional healing and softening action, which makes this body oil a must-get for mums-to-be or dieters who can often experience a lack of skin firmness.

For best results gently apply Human+Kind All-In-One Body Oil to stretch marks daily after showering to experience its remarkable skin transforming powers.

Like all Human+Kind products All-In-One Body Oil is:

·         Dermatologically tested

·         Allergy screened

·         Suitable for sensitive skins

·         Free from paraben and other chemical nasties

Human + Kind All-In-One Body Oil Price €14.95.

Human + Kind is available online at www.humanandkind.com and from pharmacies and health stores nationwide.