Updated: 26/06/12 : 13:00:26
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Sligo's SAORVIEW Switchover Coming Soon - Are You Ready?

As the deadline approaches for the introduction of SAORVIEW (24 October 2012) some viewers are apprehensive about the change and how it may affect their TV viewing. The constant reminder appears in the corner of the RTE channel screens.

Sligo viewers were asking a number of questions so SligoToday.ie explains the painless procedure for the oncoming switchover.

SAORVIEW is Ireland’s first free digital television service. It brings you all your favourite Irish channels, crystal clear pictures, better quality sound, on-screen programme menus and digital teletext all free-to-air.

SAORVIEW replaces the current free analogue TV signal which you receive through your aerial. That analogue TV service will be switched off on 24 October 2012. People who rely on the analogue service to get Irish TV will have to switch to digital before the 24 October or their screens will go blank.

The first piece of good news is that 97% of Ireland is covered by SAORVIEW and even better news is that Sligo, town and county, is part of that coverage.

You need a standard rooftop /indoor UHF aerial to receive SAORVIEW.  

If your current ariel already receives RTE 1, RTE 2, TV3 and TG4 you should be OK to receive SAORVIEW.

If you want to keep your old TV, if its not SAORVIEW approved, you'll need a SAORVIEW Approved set-top-box. If your buying a new TV ensure it's SAORVIEW Approved.

To ensure that SAORVIEW approved set-top-boxes and TVs are widely available countrywide SAORVIEW set up a network of SAORVIEW Approved installers.  

In Sligo, Free2AirTVSligo in the Wine Street Car Park is an approved installer.

How much does switching cost?
For most households currently receiving analogue television through a rooftop aerial the costs of switching will simply be the cost of a SAORVIEW Approved set-top-box or TV.
• Basic SAORVIEW Approved set-top-boxes currently cost from €60 to 100.
• SAORVIEW Approved TVs start at €120 for the smallest size.

How much does an aerial installation cost?
A standard installation of a new aerial should cost approximately €140 – €160. This is an indicative price, prices will vary depending on your home and the total amount of work required. You should contact Free2AirTVSligo for a quote.

It is advisable to start the switchover procedure now as there will no doubt be a backlog as viewers leave it until the last minute. If your screen goes blank on 24 October you will

Free2TVSligo are SAORVIEW Approved will give a free quote for all equipment and installation. See their website Free2TVSligo They can also be contacted on 0860637388