Updated: 16/07/12 : 07:35:06
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Govt parties on collosion course over alcohol misuse issue

Government parties may be on a collision course over plans to clamp down on the misuse of alcohol.

Labour's Junior Health Minister Roisin Shorthall is behind the new measures, some of which face opposition from a number of Fine Gael Ministers.

Since taking office, Minister Shorthall has made no secret of her plans to curb the misuse of alcohol.

The plan on alcohol contains a number of tough measures - including a minimum price, a "responsibility levy" and a restriction on advertising.

But reports have said a number of Fine Gael Minister's, including Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney, have expressed concern about aspects of the plan.

They have argued that measures should be targeted at those who abuse alcohol, rather than the whole population.

The plan will come before Cabinet tomorrow morning, but it is already feared the document will be put on the long finger until the Autumn.