Updated: 17/05/13 : 05:54:25
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Jail and 20-year ban for Sligo killer driver

A 28-year-old mother-of-one has been jailed for two-and-a-half years for killing a woman in a two-car crash in Co Sligo.

Aisling Cummins, who has a nine-year-old son, was also given a suspended sentence of two-and-a-half years and banned from driving for 20 years.

Sligo Circuit Court yesterday heard Cummins’ licence was returned following a drink-driving conviction just a year before the accident in which 56-year-old Karen Mounsey died.

Cummins from Castletown, Drumcliffe, Co Sligo admitted dangerous driving causing the death of Mrs Mounsey and injury to her husband James, who is now 74.

Judge Anthony Hunt heard Cummins was drinking wine the night before the crash on 28 August 2010.


She drove early the next morning to resolve a problem with a former boyfriend in Boyle, Co Roscommon.

As she was returning home at 8.30am the crash happened on the N4 at Drumfin, Riverstown.

Mr Mounsey and his wife were travelling in the opposite direction from their home in Riverstown to work in a restaurant he owned at King House in Boyle.

In a statement, Mr Mounsey said they suddenly saw a Peugeot car on the wrong side of the road heading towards them.

It came straight at them and there was a huge bang, he said.

Mr Mounsey was cut from the car. His wife died in the impact.

Cummins' car in the foregound and the white van in which Karen Mounsey died

Cummins' blood was later found to have 148mg of alcohol to 100ml of blood when the legal limit at the time was 80mg.

Mr Mounsey read a victim impact statement in the witness box in which he recalled he was so ill in hospital he could not even attend his own wife's funeral even though it was delayed as long as possible.


Defence Counsel John Shortt read an apology to the Mounsey family from Cummins.

In it she said she could not find enough words to describe her remorse and guilt.

Judge Hunt observed that Cummins was at or just under the 100km/h speed limit but she still had "nearly twice the limit" of drink allowed from the previous night.

It was noted by customers at a service station at Castlebaldwin, just 10 minutes prior to the fatal accident, that Cummins was intoxicated.

Known as 'Fluffy B' on a car modification website Cummins is quoted as saying, "I love speed, the faster the better."

Judge Hunt said: "I cannot imagine how anybody convicted of drink-driving could leave the district court and not think they would ever leave themselves in that position again."

Outside court, Mr Mounsey said: "The sentence makes no difference. It's not going to change what happened. It's not going to bring my wife back."

                 Gardaí at the scene of the fatal crash in August 2010. Photo: SligoToday.ie