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Menís Shed Initiative in Sligo

There are six menís shed in operation across Sligo, one of these six was developed in partnership with the HSE and the Sligo Leader Partnership in November 2011.

Menís Shed is any community-based, non-commercial organisation which is open to all men where the primary activity is the provision of a safe, friendly and inclusive environment.  The men are able to gather and/or work on meaningful projects at their own pace, in their own time and in the company of other men.  

The primary objective is to advance the health and well-being of the participating men.  Menís sheds may look like a normal shed in your back yard but they can be seen as a mix between community education and health promotion projects. ĎSheddersí is the name given to the people that attend Menís sheds.


The Menís Shed originally started with a partnership among members of the local community, the Senior Occupational Therapist for HSE Sligo, Mr Rodrigo Frade and the Menís Health Development Officer for the Sligo Leader Partnership, Mr Jonathan May.

Currently over 25 men attend this menís shed they are all from Sligo town.  The shed itself is currently based behind the Bishopís Palace in a shed kindly loaned by the bishop for this purpose.  It also had the support of the Sligo Rotary club.  Since its development there have been two raffles run and two table quizzes held to raise funds for the shed these were organised by the shedders.

The Menís Shed has benefited the men who attend in numerous ways through improving confidence in their own skills, developing a more balanced daily routine, providing them with the possibility of participating in a meaningful occupation and offering an opportunity to interact with other people that share similar interests. The Menís Shed is also focused on promoting health for its shedders through activities such as a visit from Marie Keating Foundation and other awareness programmes that have been held.

The future plan for the Menís Shed includes finishing refurbishment, creating a rota so that the shed is open most days of the week, drawing up plans of activities that can be developed including woodwork through obtaining tools for the workshop, taking care of the garden and continuing to fundraise for the shedís activities. Another key aspect is the community connection, the Sligo Shedders are committed to continuing and improving the support they are providing to their local community


In line with this support to the community, The Sligo Menís Shed donated a garden table and flower beds made by the Shedders to the HSE. This kind offer was allocated to the inside patio area beside the Mental Health Services Day Hospital.

Joy Synnott, Administrator of Sligo Leitrim Mental Health Services commented 'Through the dedicated hard work of some members of the community, Rodrigo Frade (HSE) and Jonathan May  (Sligo Leader) working in partnership to bring the Men's Shed Project to fruition, Sligo Leitrim Mental Health Services is delighted to accept the generous donation of a picnic table, benches and flower boxes. These gifts will be used to enhance an open space adjacent to the Community Mental Health Team and Day Hospital to be enjoyed by everybody attending the facility.'

For further details on the Menís Shed idea go to www.mensshed.ie.
Contact Sligo Menís Shed  - Brendan 086 6756228 Ė jmay@sligoleader.com