Updated: 25/09/13 : 07:15:23
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US Tour Company Honours Cathy Jordan

With the year of the Gathering 2013 winding down along with the tour season in Ireland, USA based tour company Wild West Irish Tours took time this week to officially thank and honour Dervish singer Cathy Jordan for her contributions in promoting “The Gathering 2013” in Sligo and the Northwest.

Wild West Irish Tours was selected by the Irish Embassy in Washington DC to launch officially launch the Gathering 2013 in the United States and invited Cathy Jordan to Washington to be the guest speaker of honour. Michael Regan-Waugh, owner of Wild West Irish Tours said “Cathy was one of the first well known performers to back the Gathering. At the time we had Gabriel Byrne referring to the Gathering idea as a “shake down” of Americans, we had Cathy contributing her music and words to a Gathering Video (See below) to help us all promote Sligo and the Northwest.” Said Waugh, ”Cathy had the courage to step up with a positive message at a time where there was a little cynicism in the air, and as it turns out,  it looks as though the Gathering is a massive success.”

The video which includes the title track from Cathy’s solo album “All the Way Home” has been popular on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and many other websites. With the video gaining momentum, Cathy Jordan accepted the invitation to join Wild West Irish Tours in Washington for the official USA launch.

Wonderful Stories and Hospitality

“We had busloads of people come to the Irish Embassy that night and it meant so much to us that she came across for this. The local and regional tourist organisations can thank Cathy for doing so much for the area.”

Wild West Irish Tours said they wanted to present Ms. Jordan with a “meaningful” gift for her work and decided on a wood sculpture by local Woodcarver and Mythkeeper, Michael Quirke. “Michael has been a part of every one of our tours, with his wonderful stories and hospitality for our visitors, so who better than Michael to carve out a beautiful piece of Art for us to present Cathy.”

The gift was presented at a traditional music session in Dromahaire with a full Wild West Irish Tour along for the session. “We asked Michael Quirke what would be an appropriate theme for the carving for Cathy and his answer was immediate – “The Girl of many Talents.”  Said Waugh, “Cathy seemed delighted with her woodcarving and we were all head in the clouds, just thinking how this all went from Washington D.C. to Sligo and the Northwest for a year of bringing people back home to Ireland.”

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