Updated: 22/06/15 : 04:43:00
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Noonan urged to help Greece - MEP

Today's emergency meeting of Eurozone leaders was not just about Greece’s future in the Eurozone but about whether their decision endorsed the solidarity principle which was central to the entire European project.

This was stated by Independent MEP Marian Harkin when she warned that the dangerous drift to the right in European politics, and growing nationalism, posed a definite threat to the cohesion necessary if the European Union was to survive into the future.

“The most recent indication of a drift away from the common values central to the European project was the success of the eurosceptic right in the Danish election”, she said. Ireland’s national interest required that its political representatives retained the broadest possible attitude towards meeting the political outcome required by the Greek government, she said.

“Minister Noonan must act as a bridge builder at this vitally important meeting and have the necessary spirit of generosity and practicality which will not just help Greece but also Ireland and the Europe which is vital to our country’s future”, Independent ME P Marian Harkin concluded.