Updated: 23/02/16 : 12:17:37
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If people want change they must vote for change - Bree

“If people want change they must vote for change.   Five years ago people voted for change but unfortunately they got more of the same.  If people are serious about change on this occasion, it is vitally important that they examine the policies and more so the record of those who are asking for their vote.”  Independent candidate Cllr Declan Bree said this week.
“Many people want to vote for independents however the reality is that numerous independents will have no difficulty propping up the very same politicians who are implementing austerity.
“I can point to independents that support the imposition of the household tax while at the same time they oppose an increase in tax on the billions of Euro profits accumulated by multinationals.  I can point to independents that support the imposition of water charges.  I can point to independents that are so backward that they refuse to even support the minimum demands of the National Women’s Council.
“How can these independents claim to be seeking change?” asked Cllr Bree.
“Those of us who seek real change and who have been involved in the anti-austerity movement believe that society can be organised in a different way, a better way, where the interests of the people are centre stage – the right to housing, a job with decent pay and conditions, access to healthcare when you’re sick, and a pension when you retire.   These demands are basic and achievable essentials in Irish society.
“In the current Dail, it is Independent and left T.D.’s such as Clare Daly, Thomas Pringle and Joan Collins, who are the real opposition and who have consistently opposed the policies of austerity and exposed the disgraceful behaviour of the government.  
“I have worked with them in the anti-austerity movement over the years and I am hopeful that I will win enough support to join them and others in the Dail so as to ensure that the interests of the people of this constituency and this country are properly protected.” said Cllr Bree.