Updated: 24/02/16 : 06:02:15
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RENUA to create Disability Ombudsman

RENUA Ireland Sligo Leitrim candidate Finbarr Filan said today that the next government has a unique opportunity to make rights for the disabled a reality.

But, he said, ''This can only be achieved by ensuring people with disabilities have their rights vindicated in a manner similar to the role played by the Ombudsman for Children.

RENUA Ireland is proposing the following measures to enhance inclusion and to vindicate the constitutional rights of disabled citizens.

RENUA Ireland will set-up a new unit dedicated to people with disabilities under the aegis of the Ombudsman's office.

This office will be provided with powers to hold local authorities and public bodies to account for their treatment of disabled citizens.

This will include reviewing the performance of the National Disability Authority. Citizens will have a direct right of appeal to the Ombudsman's office.

It is envisaged this will cost 1.5m

RENUA Ireland will focus particularly closely on the role of local authorities in ensuring that the needs of their citizens are catered for.

The Barcelona Convention requires that towns and cities be made more disability friendly.

RENUA Ireland will task the new unit for disabilities with measuring the progress of local authorities by way of a league table outlining which authority