Updated: 24/06/16 : 04:46:41
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Sligo Council to decide on fracking ban

Sligo County Council will decide at its meeting on Monday (27th June) whether to include a ban on fracking in the new draft County Development Plan when councillors will consider an extensive motion on the issue submitted by Independent Cllr Declan Bree.

Earlier this year Cllr Bree submitted a lengthy motion proposing a ban on fracking and unconventional gas exploration and extraction, but a decision on the matter was deferred pending the circulation of the proposed Draft County Development Plan. See link below

Speaking to Sligo Today Cllr Bree said “On Monday we begin the process of agreeing a new draft County Development Plan which will set out the overall planning and sustainable development strategy for the county during the period 2017-2023.

“As far back as 2012 the Council called for a ban on fracking. The current review of the County Development Plan now provides the Council with the ideal opportunity to include such a policy in the new Plan.

“Taking into consideration the significant and growing concern in respect to the social, public health, economic and environmental impacts that are associated with unconventional oil/gas extraction I believe the elected members of the Council have a moral obligation to the people of Sligo to ensure that fracking is banned in our county and I am hopeful that the majority of councillors will support my motion.” said Cllr Bree.

See: Sligo Today 2/2/2016