Updated: 13/03/17 : 07:14:46
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Fianna Fáil prepare for 32 County Ireland

Fianna Fáil is working on proposals for uniting Ireland, north and south.

In an interview in today's Irish Times, party leader Micheál Martin has revealed how he believes a united Ireland is a possibility in his lifetime, but serious preparation would be needed.

A 12 point plan is being prepared which would strengthen links between the two regions in advance of the change.

He said Brexit could serve to drive North and South further apart or could bring Irish unity closer together, if the economic consequences caused difficulty in Northern Ireland.

Under his approach, a reunified Ireland would operate along similar lines to the current settlement, but with the roles of London and Dublin reversed. The “three-strand” process of the Belfast Agreement – with its emphasis on the east-west, North-South and cross-community relationships – would continue.

The party's White Paper on reunification is expected to be published in the coming months.