Updated: 16/06/17 : 12:48:22
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The Citizens Assembly.....What next?

RENUA Ireland Sligo Leitrim West Cavan and South Donegal Area Representative Finbarr Filan has expressed grave concern about the proposed composition of the Committee to examine the Repeal of the Eighth Amendment. 

Responding to the finalizing of the terms of reference for the Committee Mr Filan said, ‘I note that Leo Varadkar have been crying crocodile tears over the pro - choice positioning of the so called Citizens Assembly.

"The difference in the view of the Pro-Choice Citizens Assembly and the people, as indicated in a series of recent opinion polls is certainly stark. However, the ‘unease’ of Mr Varadkar would be far more convincing, were it not for the composition of the Dail Committee that will now examine this matter. 

"It is not our intent, in RENUA Ireland, to make mirrors into men or women’s souls unlike Repeal the Eight who brook no dissent.

"We also believe in diversity and the right of those of a Pro-Choice persuasion to put their case. We do note however, with grave concern that the vast majority of the Committee have already declared that they are of a hard-line pro-choice persuasion. This, to us, has all the appearances of another liberal stitch-up."

Divided position

Mr Filan continued, "As politicians and Committee members they are entitled to take such a position and their openness and transparency is to be commended. We have to question whether the current administration has taken a similar position. Ireland is in an uncertain and closely divided position when it comes to the issue of abortion. Yet the government has created a Committee which bears absolutely no resemblance to the position of the people. It is asking a lot to believe that such a difference is entirely accidental.

"We are gravely concerned that the current committee has been set up to act as persuaders for choice.

The Committee has a democratic responsibility to act as an Independent vehicle of Inquiry. RENUA Ireland will be watching it closely and will call it to account should it betray this historical responsibility."

Mr Filan will be hosting a meeting In the Glass House Hotel, Sligo on Thursday 22nd of June at 7.30 pm   titled ‘The Citizens’ Assembly – What Next’ 

This meeting will inform people as to the following;

The law as it currently stands and how the 8th Amendment protects both women and the unborn.

How the recommendations of the Citizens' Assembly will go to the Dail Committee.

What happens after the Committee reports.

The likelihood of a referendum and when it’s likely to happen.

What RENUA Ireland will be doing to help the Pro-Life cause.

What members of the public can do to protect and help ensure the rights of the unborn remain in the Irish Constitution.

Guest speakers on the night will include Cllr John Leahy leader RENUA Ireland, Jennifer Kehoe a mother of 6 and a founding member of One Day More - a support group for parents who receive a poor prognosis for their child before birth.  Also in attendance will be a leading legal expert in the current laws and the 8th Amendment.

Mr Filan is encouraging all members of the public to attend this open meeting so an open and honest discussion can be held on this sensitive issue.