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Winners of iYeats 2017 International Poetry Competition

Hawk’s Well Theatre is delighted to announce the winners of the 2017 iYeats International Poetry Competition. Judges Jessica Traynor and Billy Ramsell considered a large volume of entries.

Reflecting the truly global impact of the competition; the 2017 winner is poet Tammy Armstrong, Nova Scotia, Canada, for her poem ‘The Varying Hare’. The emerging winner for poets of 16-25 years of age is Cynthia Miller, Birmingham U.K. with her work ‘The Last Hour on the Flight Deck’. 

On the task of selecting winning poems the judges Billy Ramsell and Jessica Traynor shared that “It’s a pleasure to declare ‘The Varying Hare’ by Tammy Armstrong the winner of this year’s iYeats competition.

This is a special poem, one that manages to combine depth of ambition with deftness in execution, rendering, with enviable clarity, a crepuscular, fog-tinted milieu. Its uncanny, depopulated landscape is one readers are unlikely to forget as it leaves us ‘wrong edged’ and ‘thicket-blind’, lingering, despite ourselves, in the ‘animal time’ it so vividly conjures. In the Emerging Category,

'The Last Hour on the Flight Deck'
by Cynthia Miller stood out for us as an ambitious poem full of surprising and well-rendered details. From the air stewardesses who 'arch their feet inside boxy heels' to the dusk which 'siphons lavender shadows across the room', this is a poem which explores distance and dislocation through vivid, intimate imagery.”

Highly commended poets in the general category: ‘Ameratsu Hides Her Light in the Rock Cave of Heaven’ by Angela T. Carr, ‘Brooch’ by A.M. Cousins, ‘Mackerel’ by John O’Donnell, ‘Mole’ by Tammy Armstrong, ‘Observance’ by Edel Burke, ‘Road Salt Dome’, by Tammy Armstrong, ‘Samhain’ by Ingrid Casey, ‘The Farmer’ by Michael O'Connor, ‘The Quiet Ones’ by Alan Weadick, ‘Tigers In Leitrim’ by Roisin Kelly,

The iYeats Poetry competition was launched by the Hawk's Well Theatre in 2009 to mark the 50th Yeats International Summer School and the 70th anniversary of the death of W. B Yeats.  The iYeats Poetry competition is an online national and international poetry competition which has won a prestigious reputation for the calibre of both entrants and judges. 

Billy Ramsell & Jessica Traynor (2017), Previous judges have included Moya Cannon & Colin Dardis (2016), Peter Sirr and Catherine Phil MacCarthy  (2014).  Katie Donovan and James Harpur (2013). Theo Dorgan and Paula Meehan (2012) Gerald Dawe & Enda Wyley (2011), Vincent Woods & Rita Ann Higgins (2010) and Niall MacMonagle & Mary Branley (2009).

The winning poems and videos of the winning poets reading their work is available to view on www.hawkswell.com