Updated: 31/07/17 : 12:37:31
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Our Place- Feel Good New Music by Kieran Quinn with Tabby Callaghan & Marie Conway - Video

‘Our Place’ is popular musician Kieran Quinn’s next big ambitious project. Kieran has been focusing on his song writing and was supported in this with short residency at the Hawk’s Well Theatre. 

Our Place is original songs inspired by Sligo which will be released as a new album this November 2017. The good news is we don’t have to wait until then as Kieran will perform and release a new original song each month for the next 6 months!

The first single is released this week and stars Tabby Callaghan & Marie Conway. Two of Ireland’s most recognised and loved vocalists perform on the catchy feel-good duet. The video was filmed on a glorious summer’s evening with Knox Street Kitchen in beautiful Rosses Point Beach.

“I don’t want to be some other place, this is our place” Tabby Callaghan sings to Marie Conway over soaring saxophones and an irresistible beat on the single that is instantly appealing and memorable.

The lyrics certainly matched the mood of the crowds that gathered to watch the video shoot a hot July evening in Sligo.

                    Recording at Thje Hawk's Well - Kieran Quinn (R) with Tabby and Marie

The single shows off the wealth of local talent behind the scenes too. It was recorded by Ray Duffy in the Hawk’s Well Theatre, by Tabby Callaghan in ‘Tabby Road’, by Steve Kohlmann, and by Luke Devaney in the Blue Room Recording Studio.  The feel good factor extends beyond the music as all the proceeds of the project will go towards the Hawk’s Well Theatre’s €1.1 m Renovation plans - creating a world-class theatre for the people of the North West.

“It’s a worthy cause, it’s a huge addition to our community, they’re making efforts to reach out to all areas of the community. The idea struck me a few weeks ago, it enables me to release my songs and it raises money for a worthy cause. I'd like to thank the 2 businesses who have already come on board - Knox and Thomas Connolly's - and would like to encourage anyone business who would like to find out more about the project to get in touch at info@kieranquinn.ie

Born in Australia but raised in Sligo, Kieran Quinn has been working as a musician ever since he realised that his hands were more suited to playing piano than trying to catch footballs on the GAA pitches of Ireland.

He is the founder, musical director and host of Kieran Quinn’s Themed Nights which are the North West’s hottest tickets.  On his previous tour Kieran Quinn and A Grand Piano, he brought his music to every county in Ireland and played 32 pianos along the way!

The title single ‘Our Place’ is out now and available as digital download from itunes, spotify and the accompanying video can be watched on www.kieranquinn.ie.  When you see the video you’ll agree that our place, our Sligo has never looked or sounded so good!