Updated: 29/08/17 : 07:58:16
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Irish lose €260 per year to friends and family

New research has revealed how good Irish people are at lending money.

People are losing out on €260 every year by lending money to friends and family.

New research from Circle shows a fifth of us give cash away every month but never get it back because don't have the courage to ask for it.

The mobile app creators also found Bono was the celebrity we'd least likely lend cash to.

Circle's Jack Colier, explains why we're getting short changed by those closest to us.

He said: "I think it's just the awkwardness of having to go up and ask for money back from somebody who you may not have agreed to be paid back.

"The example of getting a cup of coffee, you know saying 'I'll get this one, and you can get the next one' but that moment never arises.

"Having to then ask for the money back off your friends can be a daunting task to do."