Updated: 04/09/17 : 15:24:49
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Sligo must have management policy for control of invasive plants says Councillor

Cllr Dara Mulvey has today called on Sligo County Council to develop a management policy with appropriate funding for the treatment of invasive plant species in County Sligo such as the invasion of Japanese knot weed.

Home and land owners maybe at risk by the much feared invasive plant species such as Japanese Knot weed which is spreading across much of Co Sligo.

Cllr Mulvey stated, "This fast growing plant can have serious implications for land and property owners by damaging  the foundations of houses, farm, buildings,blocking drains and creating blind junctions with its sprawling root and can contaminate soil within 7metres with some people afraid it could  affect them getting planning permission.

"90% of cases it spreads by people cutting it. Removing of some invasive plants can be expensive and this process can take twice yearly spraying over 2 or 3 years."

Strict laws In the UK make it a requirement that estate agents inform potential land and property buyers of its presence on the property and lands they are selling.

"In Ireland the Dept of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht are preparing new legislation to deal specifically with this issue.

"Their is currently no obligation for property owners selling to notify potential buyers if Japanese Knot weed is present although people are not aware that they are required to get a licence from the National Park and Wildlife Service to dispose safely of the infected soil and Knot weed.

"I am calling on Sligo County Council to do more to inform people how to identify and to deal with invasive plants and to start a process of mapping these  invasive plant species around County Sligo.

"It is only recently that signs have been put up in some locations to alert people not to cut the plant," concluded Cllr Mulvey.