Updated: 06/09/17 : 06:49:12
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One million people to be refunded Irish Water charges this year

Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government Eoghan Murphy will bring a memo to Cabinet this morning on refunding almost one million people who paid their water charges.

It is expected that the vast majority of householders will be refunded by the end of the year.

This follows a report earlier this year by an Oireachtas committee which recommended that those who had paid the charges should get their money back.

Before the summer, the Taoiseach confirmed that Irish Water customers would be repaid by the end of the year. This will cost around €178m.

The money will come from under-spending across different departments.

Irish Water will begin an information campaign in the coming weeks with cheques being sent to customers, possibly from next month.

While the vast majority will get their money back by the end of the year, in circumstances where people have moved or died it could take longer.

The €100 conservation grant which was paid to householders who registered with Irish Water will not be deducted.

Separately, legislation underpinning all the recommendations of the Oireachtas committee is expected to be discussed by ministers next week.

Murphy says 2,400 social houses built by end of year

Minister Murphy has said that 2,400 new social houses will be built by the end of the year, between local authorities and housing bodies.

Speaking on RTE's Primetime Mr Murphy said the Government wants to see how they can build more into the future.

He said that he expected 20,000 homes to be built next year in the country including 3,000 social houses.

He said the State is investing a huge amount of money in trying to solve the problem, and said that 80 new families and individuals are supported into new tenancies every working day through social housing supports.

Minister Murphy said the solution is supply, and said the Government will build four times as many social houses this year as they were in 2015.