Updated: 14/09/17 : 06:01:16
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RTÉ mast issues appealed to Pleanala

CONFUSION SURROUNDS the specifics of a planning appeal lodged last week by the operators of RTÉ's long-standing mast at RTÉ mast issues appealed to Pleanala.

The appeal was lodged last week with Bord Pleanala, its latest online update confirmed. 

But it is unclear which issues have to be decided, as Bord Pleanala offered only a blank page online last night, Wednesday.

The statutory planning appeals agency did not offer an indicative date either for its final decision, as it usually does.

The mast is 175 metres high and an application to Sligo County Council last June sought ''continuation.....using existing access.''

To cope with the arrival of digital television, the original mast height was increased a decade ago from 125 metres to 175 metres. 

Aviation submission

The recent planning application to Sligo County Council was made in the name of RTÉ Transmission Network DAC, trading as 2RN -- an RTÉ subsidiary.

The Irish Aviation Authority made the only submission received by the County Council which granted conditional permission last month. 

The aviation body is prescribed in law; it is usually asked for its views, if any, on relevant planning applications.

Radio Signals

The Truskmore mast is in the townlands of Clogh and Moodoge. 

The original mast -- now replaced and removed -- was commissioned in February 1962, when Telefis Eireann came on air.

Today the mast at Truskmore carries FM radio signals for all RTE stations across the north west and boosts reception in the western part of Northern Ireland.

Four independent radio stations also use the Truskmore transmitter -- Today FM, Ocean FM, iRadio and Newstalk.

The main transmitter at Truskmore has three relay units in Donegal and two in Mayo.

Truskmore itself is part of the Dartry Mountains range bordering Sligo and Leitrim.