Updated: 09/10/17 : 06:38:27
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TDs ear-bash for top table in Fianna Fáil

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

FIANNA FÁIL leader Michael Martin heard criticism at a party meeting in recent days by two TDs in this area.

Marc MacSharry and Pat The Cope Gallagher were in a group of up to half a dozen rural TDs critical of the party's ''submissive attitude'' to Fine Gael.

Both TDs from this region were named by The Sunday Business Post and The Irish Mail on Sunday.

Praise, Blame

The Fianna Fáil leader was warned his party was becoming the Labour Party of this administration.

''Fine Gael are getting all the praise and we are getting all the blame,'' said the source quoted by journalist John Drennan.

It wasn't just the leader got an ear-bashing either, according to national media yesterday, Sunday.

Two TDs negotiating with the Government on the Budget, including Dara Calleary of Mayo and Michael McGrath from Cork were criticised this weekend.

''These clowns think they are in government. Fine Gael must be laughing their heads off at the lads coming in thinking they are Ministers,'' one FF insider said.

Heated Exchanges

The Irish Mail on Sunday said yesterday that there were ''heated exchanges'' between the party hierarchy and some backbenchers.

Meanwhile, The Sunday Business Post said ''some TDs believe they do not have enough input into decisions being taken by (Michael) Martin and his senior advisers.''

Follow Blindly

Said one frustrated TD: ''They want us all to follow blindly because they want everything shoved through.

''They're having the best of times and we're getting fecking blamed for anything,'' one TD was quoted.