Updated: 16/10/17 : 07:22:30
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Migraine Association of Ireland for Sligo visit

This October, The Migraine Association of Ireland will be on the road in Sligo with their #makemigrainematter  Roadshow.

Migraine is a complex neurological condition that affects over 500,000 people in Ireland alone, with an estimated 13,000 attacks occurring every day in Ireland. Chronic migraine attacks are classified by the World Health Organisation as comparable to dementia, quadriplegia and active psychosis. The Global Burden of Disease Report 2016 (The Lancet) now classes migraine and medication overuse headache (MOH) as the 2nd most disabling disease in Ireland.  Incidences of MOH increase when patients are driven to self medicating chronic conditions with over the counter medications, often as a result of lack of information and access to specialist advice.

In Ireland, GP’s still only receive 4 hours of headache training as part of their undergraduate training programmes. There are 5  specialist  Migraine Clinics in Ireland, 3 in Dublin, 1 in Cork and 1 in Galway and the waiting lists for these clinics is up to 2 years in some cases.  Migraine sufferers outside these areas are suffering needlessly due to a skills gap and lack of access to consultant neurologists with a specialty in migraine. With this in mind, this October, The Migraine Association is bringing our information Roadshow to Sligo.

Our mobile billboard will be travelling the streets and highways, highlighting the services offered by The Migraine Association and promoting our National Helpline, 1850 200 378. Migraine Association staff and support personnel will be manning information stands at the following locations and times.

18th October, Sligo, Quayside Shopping Centre from 10 – 12 pm on the 18th October.

If you or a family member/loved one are suffering from migraine and looking for advice and support then please visit our stands and we will be happy to support and advise you.