Updated: 06/12/17 : 05:04:32
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Mountbatten, Keeler featured in song

LOUIS MOUNTBATTEN and Christine Keeler, who died yesterday, were never bedfellows except in song.

The duo featured in a song titled “Post World War Two Blues” by top British entertainer Al Stewart.

Best known for “Year of the Cat,” Stewart’s ‘Post-War’ pop song took a humorous look at his country’s woes and wins across two decades.

Name Checks

Mountbatten gets several name-checks in the number, Keeler just one. See video below.

The song also features Buddy Holly, Anuerin Bevan — founder of the NHS in Britain, Dwight Eisenhower and even Winston Churchill.

The disc was released in England in October 1973 and eight months later in the United States, where it made the Billboard charts.