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Further details in €105,000 injuries award

FURTHER DETAILS have emerged in the case of a labourer’s €105,000 court award after a fall outside a house rented from Sligo County Council.

The award was made last week in the High Court to Thomas Keegan, aged 50, of McNeill Drive Cranmore. See Link (i) below

He slipped on wet mosaic tiles outside the house in November 2013.

Slip Surface

A detailed report on the case appears in the latest issue of “Irish Legal News.”

It notes that “there was broad agreement between the engineers that having tested the slip resistance of the surface of the tiles; the tiles posed a moderate risk of slipping when wet.

“The engineers disagreed that this finding made the tiles inappropriate for use at the locus of the accident.

Use Disappeared

Part of Mr Justice Barr’s assessment of the case said the tiles, thought suitable when the house was built in 1977, was “inappropriate for use in an exposed porch.”

Mr Justice Barr added that “[w]hile these tiles may have been thought suitable when the houses were constructed in 1977, it is clear that their use has all but disappeared in the estate”. 

He also noting that there were only nine houses out of a total of 62 inspected with such tiles in the estate.

Mr Justice Barr was of the opinion that current safety requirements would mandate that these tiles were inappropriate for used in an exposed porch.

Two Plates

The injured party had developed osteoarthritis, suggested his surgeon, arising from his injury.

The man also had two plates inserted and later removed from the damaged ankle.

The Sligo case is detailed in the “Irish Legal News.See link (ii) below.

Link (i): Sligo Today 1/12/2017

Link (ii): https://www.irishlegal.com/9682/high-court-labourer-who-broke-ankle-at-property-rented-from-sligo-council-is-awarded-over-e100k/