Updated: 08/12/17 : 05:02:56
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RTÉ ‘Prime Time’ revisits cancer fight in Sligo

THIS MORNING, Friday December 8th, is a perfect reason why cancer services should not have been moved from Sligo to Galway.

Dublin residents would not tolerate having to travel for six weeks to Athlone to receive 30 radiotherapy treatments or eight chemotherapy sessions.

These points were powerfully put across by Sligo campaigner Catriona McGoldrick on RTÉ’S “Prime Time” last night, Thursday.

McGoldrick was speaking in a feature on the possible downgrade of services at Portlaoise presented by David McCullagh.

Campaigners from Ennis and Monaghan described how they, too, had been deprived of local services.

Last night, McGoldrick explained to viewers that hail was falling as she drove to the studio to join the debate.

Temperatures were expected to fall to minus three and at the same time there were people with cancer planning journeys to Galway early in the morning.

Added McGoldrick: “You have people already in bed, getting up and making a two hours journey and that’s on top of a cancer diagnosis.

“I think they have enough to put up with,” said McGoldrick.

                            Presenter David McCullagh interviewing the contributors

Dismantle Services

She recalled for RTÉ viewers that there had been a full multidisciplinary team in place in the hospital at Sligo when services were withdrawn.

This, she said, had happened rather than creating a ninth ‘centre of excellence’ for cancer treatment.

“Instead they decided to dismantle services and have everybody on the road down to Galway,” said McGoldrick.

“There was a lot to put up with, without having to think of anything else,” she explained for those with cancer (like herself).

Link: Watch Prime Time screened 7/12/2017 for next three weeks.