Updated: 10/01/18 : 05:43:37
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Sligo strays do well in reclaim, re-home stakes

THE NUMBER of stray dogs put down in Sligo and Leitrim is one of the lowest in the country.

Itís half a dozen dogs between the counties, statistics states in the Department of Rural and Community Affairs

That compares with 243 dogs euthanized ó the official term ó in Limerick City and County in the same period.

Good Light

Thatís three times greater than the rest of the country combined, The Irish Times notes this morning, Wednesday.

By law, dogs taken in by local authority shelters must be kept for at least five days before being put down.

Dogs are usually held for longer while attempts are made to find them a new home. 

The latest statistics, for 2016, showed Sligo in a good light, too, both for reclaiming dogs taken to pounds and for re-homing of strays.

In Sligo, fifty dogs were reclaimed and 61 were re-homed that year, statistics showed.

Only One

Five dogs in Sligo and only one in Leitrim had to be euthanized in the same year.

However, greyhounds and lurchers remain particularly difficult to rehome and have a much higher euthanasia rate.

Evidence suggests greyhounds are abandoned after their racing careers end, usually after six years.