Updated: 10/01/18 : 08:27:50
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Protest over re-appointment of Housing Agency's chairperson

A picket will take place outside the Housing Agency's HQ later in a protest at the re-appointment of chairperson Conor Skehan.

Mr Skehan has been under pressure since suggesting some families may be "gaming the system" by declaring themselves 'homeless' to jump up the housing list.

Solidarity TDs are leading today's lunchtime protest at the Housing Agency in Dublin.

Meanwhile, homelessness charities have also criticised Mr Skehan's comments.

"There's no evidence whatsoever to support a claim like this," Niamh Randall, a spokesperson for the Simon Communities.

"And I would be very clear on this, that as the Chair of the Housing Agency, there's a responsibility in relation to what kind of comments you would make and what kind of information you share - and therefore if there was a concern of this nature, then presumably the onus was on the Housing Agency to maybe look at exploring that.

"And that's not what happened here."