Updated: 14/02/18 : 05:36:37
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Cheating IT Sligo students caught and punished

Nineteen students cheated during exams or assignments at IT Sligo last year.

The infringements included plagiarism and possessing notes on a mobile phone, while punishments included fail marks and monetary fines.

However, three students received no penalty for their alleged offences.

Details released under freedom of information legislation show there were 19 disciplinary hearings in IT Sligo last year over infringements during examinations of assignments.

The offences occurred in the business and humanities, science and engineering facilities.

In the first semester of 2017, there were 13 episodes of cheating, with five students caught with notes written on a calculator in the exam hall.

Four of the students were penalised with a fail grade in the test and the repeat exam was capped at 40 per cent, while three of them also received a fine.

One of these five students, however, received no penalty.


During the same term, one student was caught with notes on their phone and was given a fail grade, forced to repeat the exam in 2018 and monetary fine.

In autumn, four students were caught during exams with writing on their hands, jackets or eraser.

Three of them were punished with a fail grade and a fine, but one received no penalty.

In a statement, IT Sligo says over the examination period in question, there were over 30,000 individual sittings of examination papers, the vast majority of which proceeded in accordance with exam regulations.

It says it takes any form of cheating in examinations very seriously and has in place a procedure for dealing with this.

IT Sligo concludes the data released under FoI represents 0.06 per cent of the examinations taken and shows that the procedures were implemented effectively and sanctions imposed relative to the incident.