Updated: 14/02/18 : 06:17:18
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MacSharry disputes non-show for telly show

THE NEW National Plan from the Government should have been first debated in the Dáil.

That’s the view of Sligo Fianna Fáil TD Marc MacSharry, speaking on national TV last night, Tuesday.

MacSharry was on TV3’s Tonightwhen an issue also arose about his non availability to appear on the show last week.

‘Not Asked’

The Sligo TD said he was willing to appear but hadn’t been asked.

However, presenter Matt Cooper disputed this; the Fáil Fáil Press Office had told the show that MacSharry was “unavailable” and had gone back to Sligo. 

MacSharry insisted that he was available and Cooper suggested he should “take it up” with then party Press Office.

The request to appear on the TV3 show co-hosted by Ivan Yates came after a Dáil row about speaking time.

Verbal Exchanges

The Dáil spat between MacSharry and Kerry TDs Danny and Michael Healy Rae led to a seven minute adjournment. See link below.

The Irish Times also reported a series of verbal exchanges continued between the trio during the adjournment.

Finally, the  Government's new National Plan will be launched in Sligo on Friday.  

The entire Cabinet and fleet of junior ministers is expected to attend the launch in the Institute of Technology.

Link: See Sligo Today 8/2/2018.