Updated: 14/02/18 : 07:28:56
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New rules for advertising unhealthy food and drinks in force today

The Government is launching new rules for the advertising and marketing of unhealthy food and drinks today.

The codes of practice have been agreed with the food industry to make sure foods high in fat, salt and sugar are marketed responsibly.

The purpose of the Codes is to ensure that foods high in fat, salt and sugar are marketed in a responsible way. In particular the Codes seek to ensure that children are not exposed to inappropriate marketing, advertising or sponsorship associated with these kinds of food and drink products, and that healthier food choices are actively promoted.

Minister of State for Health Promotion, Catherine Byrne TD said "I welcome the development of these Codes and I want to acknowledge the collaborative approach to their development by a multi-stakeholder group involving representatives from the food industry, advertising sector, statutory agencies and various Departments of State. 

"The Codes aim to moderate the exposure of the general population, and particularly children, to foods high in fat, salt and sugar. In effect, its purpose is to reduce the exposure of children to unhealthy foods. It is clear from our Healthy Eating Guidelines and Food Pyramid that these are foods and drinks that should only be consumed a maximum of once or twice a week. In the interests of people’s health, these are not foods for every day, yet the current food environment does not adequately support this message. This needs to change and the Codes will help support that change.”