Updated: 12/03/18 : 09:27:56
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Urgent submissions for natural gas link to Sligo

The lack of a natural gas connection is one of the factors limiting the growth of industry in Sligo and the north west.

A document has surfaced from Gas Networks requesting submission from people in the north west as to why a gas link should be established to their region.

The document was not advertised anywhere for the public to be made aware of. It was contained on the Gas network website since it's launch just two weeks ago on 27 February!

There is very little time to submit a response as the deadline is tomorrow, Tuesday 13 March.

This opportunity cannot be ignored as a gas link is important to business development and inward investment in the region.

In light of Project Ireland 2040 and the growth targets set for Sligo . Your submission is vital.

See here for details: