Updated: 16/04/18 : 07:11:50
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Application for appointment of inspectors to INM for High Court today

An application by the Director of Corporate Enforcement to have inspectors appointed to investigate Independent News and Media is due before the High Court today.

The newspaper publisher has been served with court documents which contained allegations of a data breach in 2014.

In a statement last week INM said the incident, which involved data allegedly being given to a third party service provider, happened "under the instruction" of the then chairman Leslie Buckley.

Mr Buckley has said he would "robustly defend" the allegations contained in the court documents filed by the Director of Corporate Enforcement Ian Drennan.

INM is expected submit an affidavit replying to the application to appoint inspectors to the company.

The Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement did not comment on weekend reports which suggested that that INM would resist the appointment of inspectors.

Last week INM said it was originally told that the data was searched to find details of a contract.

However, the publisher said it had seen documentation which indicated that the data may have been "searched extensively for a different purpose".

Among a list of names who allegedly had their data searched were journalists, former executives, barristers and public relations executives.