Updated: 17/04/18 : 05:40:18
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Fly tipping in Sligo is spiralling to new heights

Fine Gael Local Area Representative for Sligo has hit out at what he claims is “an all-time high" level of dumping and fly tipping and a refusal to deal with it effectively. heights

Thomas Walsh told Sligo Today, "We need to have a serious conversation across this county to identify effective measures that will reduce the level of dumping that is taking place and in most cases across our most scenic tourist areas.

"There have only been 79 prosecutions initiated over the last 10 years (2007-2017) for illegal dumping by the Local Authority in Sligo."

This is less than 10 prosecutions per year. The information was received by Walsh following a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2014.

The Ballygawley based representative continued, “This figure is very worrying and as fly tipping continues to increase we need to ensure those who litter are identified and brought to the full rigor of the law.

"Following an annual clean up coordinated by Ballygawley Tidy Towns last Saturday morning, I have seen at first hand the level of dumping occurring along our roadsides."

   Ballygawley Tidy Towns and community members on their Annual Village Clean-Up last Saturday

"Approximately 40 bags of rubbish were picked up by a group of 25 volunteers. What was very evident was the majority of the rubbish being dumped and tipped is recyclable materials such as spirit and beer bottles, clothing, take away containers, disposable coffee cups, tissues.

"Within just 8 hours of the clean-up there was at least 6 more items disposed of along the freshly cleaned roadside at the Unionwood area in Ballygawley.

"We are all guardians of our villages and our communities and we all have a responsibility to ensure they are kept litter free. Those who don’t should be severely punished, named and shamed," concluded Walsh.