Updated: 10/05/18 : 06:45:54
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Second Pence bids for political big-time

GREG PENCE, with strong Sligo links, has entered national politics in America.

Tuesday night he won the nomination to chase a Congress win in Indiana, a seat once held by his better-known brother.

That brother, of course, is Mike Pence, now Vice-President of the United States.

Heavy Favourite

At 61, Greg Pence is the Vice-President’s oldest brother. He raised an estimated one million dollars to win this week’s Republican Party primary.

The New York Times this week predicted he is “heavy favourite” to win the seat in next November’s poll.

“I’m ready to serve again,” the newspaper quoted Mr. Pence, an ex Marine, addressing a cheering crowd in his hometown of Columbus.

Worked Buses

Both men are grandsons of Richard Michael Cawley, who emigrated from Tubbercurry in South Sligo. 

After arriving in Chicago in 1923 from Sligo, Pence senior worked on the buses and settled in the city.

The Pence family, including the US Vice-President, regularly visited Tubbercurry in decades past.

In his earlier political career, Mike Pence often spoke about those family links with Sligo.

An invitation has already been extended to Vice-President Pence to come back and visit his ancestral birthplace.

Link: Sligo Today 20/1/2017.