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Beezie’s grave spruce-up, appeal launched

By Eugene McGloin

THE GRAVE of Beezie Gallagher is to be spruced up seventy years after she died.

A GoFundMe page set up yesterday had already raised €105 by 5.28am today, Monday.

Adrian O’Neill of the Sligo History & Heritage Club has also established a bank account for the appeal.

A plaque will be erected at Beezie’s former island home in Lough Gill if this weekend’s target of €2,500 is exceeded.

Repair work at other monuments in Sligo town may also be considered if the target is heavily over-subscribed.

Wear, Tear

Beezie’s resting place in Sligo Cemetery is showing signs of wear and tear.

Recalls Adrian O’Neill: “Earlier this year someone posted a photo of the condition of her grave in Sligo Cemetery and there was a lot of interest in seeing it restored.

“I got in touch with CK Monumental who had a look at it but unfortunately the condition and state that it is in, it can not be saved.

“However, we can have the whole thing replaced. Beezie had no family and those who knew her fund raised to have a headstone erected. 

“Few took care of it over the years and even had it painted. However, those people are long gone and the headstone has fallen into a state of disrepair,” explained Adrian O’Neill.

Share Links

He has appealed to all those interested in the project to share the various links.

Best known as Sligo’s ‘Lady of the Lake,’ Beezie lived on an island in Lough Gill.

She rowed a six miles round trip to Sligo town to do her business and collect provisions or her pension.

Left: Beezie Gallagher rowing her boat on Lough Gill

Fishermen on the Garavogue called to her modest cottage home on Cottage Island.

It was there in that home, she was found dead almost seventy years ago, after an outbreak of fire.

Pub Guide

She featured in the 1980s book “Missing Pieces” from Attic Press, in a chapter by Catherine McConville.

Local businessman Gerry Healy ran a pub and music venue named “Beezies” in O’Connell Street also around that time.

In that context Beezie earned a chapter in Sybil Taylor’s “Irish Pub Guide” published by Appletree Press.

Sligo Today readers wishing to donate can do so here GoFundMe Beezies Grave


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