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Joan Morrison's JS German Summer Camp in Sligo

Joan Morrison has been teaching German at IT Sligo since 1990 and formerly at Sligo Grammar School and has a great deal of experience communicating with both youngsters and young adults through German.

Her own language journey in German started with a pen-pal in the former East Germany when she was just was fifteen.  They still remain in touch and visit each other regularly.

Joan explained, "So began my abiding interest in the German language, Germany, its people and culture. My second home at one point of my life was Heidelberg. I waitressed part-time while completing my university placement in a Max Planck Institute there and later worked as a language assistant in the Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium in Neckarsulm. The home of Audi - the A4, A5, A6, A7 and A8 series are still produced here.

"I return to Germany on a regular basis visiting our partner universities, attending courses. and keeping up with friends.

"I am a passionate believer in the value of ‘learning-by-doing’. Make the student curious and they will follow. We start with a very simple exercise – ‘what is in the box’? Cartons of all sorts, shapes and sizes containing small ‘toy’ animals, plants, letters, stamps – , give  great enjoyment as they  ‘shake’ the container, to match their ‘guess’ to the possible German word on the page.

"From the simply act of asking ‘Was ist in der Kiste? – a lot of ‘structures’ and idioms can be covered and with a minimum of fuss! Students will write their own ‘profile’ – Steckbrief - ­  and interact with others to explore key camp themes – nature and foraging, food and baking, water safety and swimming.

"A ‘communicative’ approach to learning German is at the heart of this camp. Small numbers (8 students max) ensure they get good attention from me and a chance to ‘speak’, do ‘role-play’ in a natural and homely environment."

   JS German Summer Camp Sligo

                                 Enjoying some of the many activities at the camp

By the lake, in the wood, a variety of indoor and outdoor activities will be at the heart of this German language learning summer camp. The rhythm and sounds of the language will combine with ‘doing’ so that there is ‘fun’ and ‘learning’ at the same time.

During short hikes, the local plants, and flowers will be collected and ‘named’ in German. Learning names of local birds, taking part in a treasure hunt and ‘planting’ will be part of this interactive approach each week.

Cooking and baking along with indoor basketball, table-tennis, table soccer and other indoor games will allow students to explore a variety of vocabulary and structures – all through ‘hear’ and ‘say’ with hand-outs to reinforce the words and idioms.  Music will feature prominently with German songs, accompanied by piano and guitar, where possible. German culture will be explored through the geography and customs of Germany.

On wet days dressing—up, drama, puzzles and games with key phrases and words in German will give students confidence to speak German simply and correctly in different situations.

The camp runs each week from June 18th to July 27th. Eight students will be the maximum number each week. The camp will run from 9.30 am to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday. It is €140 per participant. Early Bird – €130 per week.

Participants can be complete beginner or post-beginner. It will suit pre junior cert students also. A binder with grammar structures and vocabulary will be provided at the end of the camp.

Casual sports-wear and a change of clothing and runners is advised. Bring your own healthy packed lunch. Sunblock too. It might be hot!

With some of the weeks already almost booked out see more information at;

or call: 086 807 0339

Toberconnell, Clogherbeg Sligo
Sligo, Ireland F91Y9W9