Updated: 22/05/18 : 06:21:46
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Youth questioned over school shooting threat on social media

Gardaí questioned a youth in relation to social media posts in which he made references to carrying out a school shooting.

The secondary school student, from the east of the country, was questioned by gardaí yesterday evening.

It is understood the youth posted a reference to carrying out a school shooting on social media site Instagram.

The alarm was raised and gardaí followed up on the report by visiting his home. The young student told gardaí he posted the reference "as a joke".

A source told Independent.ie that gardaí explained the seriousness of the situation to him.

"They explained the seriousness of what he was saying, and he understands it was wrong," a source said.

The schoolboy has since removed the post from online. His parents were also made aware of the situation.

There were no arrests made.