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NO PATIENT was on a trolley in the emergency department at Sligo University Hospital yesterday, Tuesday.It was one of seven hospitals across Ireland where there were no patients on trolleys in emergency units.The other hospitals were at: Castlebar, Bantry, Wexford, Ennis, Nenagh and [...]  Read More...


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Vans slated for 'blocking wheelchair access'
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SOME VANS working at the new Boots store blocked wheelchair access at a local shopping centre this week.A posting on Facebook highlighted the issue on Monday of this week.But a check by Sligo Today confirmed that the wheelchair access was still blocked for part of Tuesday.''They have the whole place [...]  Read More...

Sligo Today Editorial
Letters to the Editor

Editor,I would like to make your readers aware of the scandalous development of the EPA 2 year-research study on Fracking in Ireland.Citizens were led to believe that this was to be an independent study to advise  the Government (North and South) on Fracking. However, it has emerged that the main contributors ( CDM [...]  Read More...
Sligo Sport - Daily Updates
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Sligo Rovers Striker Alan Kean pictured here with the wining team ___________________________________________'Bit o' Red' lotto [...]  Read More...

Entertainment News: What's On In Sligo - Daily Updates
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Bassist Eddie Lee is no stranger to Sligo audiences A New Jazz Residency for HargadonsWith such a vibrant music scene in Sligo of late, it is no surprise to see a new jazz scene is developing in its midst. Two very recent additions to the scene here are [...]  Read More...