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Online dementia screening service for early 2018 roll out

Added: 21/09/17 : 13:17:21

New revolutionary technology which screens and delivers early diagnosis of dementia is to be rolled out across Ireland in Spring 2018.

The technology, which was created by Nightingale Analytics Ltd, will be delivered to patients across Ireland through the online GP service, VideoDoc.
The service offers three unique advantages to the current system of screening:

    The diagnosis of dementia can now be done online with the support of your family and friends
    The diagnosis process has now been accelerated from several months down to just thirty minutes
    This model looks at all the risks associated with dementia to predict the progress of the
    dementia severity

Dementia is one of the biggest killers in Ireland and one of the main causes of disability later in life, ahead of cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

The Central Statistics Office predicts that the population of people with dementia in Ireland, of which Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form, will increase from an estimated 48,000 (2015) to around 140,000 by 2041 — a 240% increase in the 2006 figure of 41,447.

They estimate that over 11 people a day are diagnosed with dementia.

Spread the word...not the lice

Added: 21/08/17 : 07:43:47

Survey reveals parents still embarrassed about the facts of lice

With a new year of school just around the corner, popular healthcare brand Hedrin is calling upon parents to spread the word, not the lice, as their latest consumer attitude survey*, ‘The Facts of Lice’, suggests one in every three parents continue to keep their child’s head lice outbreak a secret.

With 78% of families admitting anonymously to having experienced between one and three outbreaks of head lice in their family within the last year; this means that one quarter of all head lice incidents have been kept behind closed doors.

In doing so parents are inadvertently spreading the problem of head lice; with schools in particular the most common place for their spread, when children are in personal contact with others.

“Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts to convince parents that head lice is a common occurrence in every childhood, and is NOT affiliated with poor hygiene or a dirty scalp, it seems head lice continues to have a stigma of embarrassment,” says Amy Phillips, Product Manager at Clonmel Healthcare.

“Over 40% of head lice outbreaks can last between one and four weeks. So if parents aren’t telling their children’s teachers, or fellow parents, that could mean a continuous stream of head lice right throughout the school year,” she continued.

With 50% of parents saying their biggest concern is the spread of head lice, this September, Hedrin is urging parents to spread the word to teachers, and other parents. This will break the stigma of head lice for the poor children who have to suffer an infestation, whilst helping keep other parents vigilant in looking for signs of the pesky bugs.

To alleviate the stress of head lice, Hedrin recommends a simple three-step process, Check – Treat – Complete to fight back against the bug bullies.

It’s an easy problem to fix, with due diligence, speed of treatment, and a range of products on shelf to suit every preference and lifestyle. So spread the word, not the problem!

* The recent survey was with 2000 parents of children who have had headlice.