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Updated: 19/06/17 : 06:07:55

Varadkar choirboys sing hymn to her

Mary Mitchell O'Connor demoted from Minister to 'Super' Junior Minister
By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

WRONG, WRONG wrong, chorused the Blueshirts when one of their own likened her colleagues to choirboys during the recent leadership race.

Kate O'Connell was wrong, wrong, wrong to liken them to choirboys just because they all sang the same tune. Of course. 

Parrots do much the same and sure enough over the past weekend there was a bit of that too to be heard in Blueshirt circles.

Big Message

The words 'parrot' especially and 'choirboys' are so, well, commoners' usage.

Not us, say Fine Gael, that's not us, not commoners. When they have something to say you get 'the message.'

In Fine Gael, the Big Message to all ministers and backbenchers (maybe families, too!) is always try and remain ''on message.'' So.....

So, the first Big Message sez Mary Mitchell O'Connor was/is ''the best person for job'' in hand to be done in Education. The Message becomes a mantra.

Which, of course, is NOT the issue which needs to be addressed.

The Minister was demoted and then given a ''Super Junior'' status at a pay rate not provided for in law currently. 

That logic doesn't tot with being the best person for the job. 

Begs the simplest question: Why wasn't Mary Mitchell O'Connor given the full Education brief in Cabinet and Richard Bruton moved out to Finance.


Downtown Office

The extra space needed around the table would have seen Frances FItzgerald take a hike. 

Bruton, too, have probably have looked less glum on the Oireachtas website when the confusing (confused?) new responsibilities were being announced to the Dail. 

Ripley's 'Believe It or Not' will be tempted to open a downtown office in Dublin if Leo-Logic continues to sweep the country. 

The Big-Message hymn to 'her' being sung by the Blueshirt Choirboys throughout the weekend was to another woman.

Remember the mantra? She, too, was ''the best person for her job.'' That was the Big Message being sold all weekend by the Blueshirts. 

Banks, Taxes

Which, of course, is again NOT the question which needs to be addressed.

If, if we had a fully functioning Opposition, we would have an election tomorrow morning on the issue of..... the 'just society.' 

No capital letters; just the issue(s) of a 'just society' centre stage for 24 days in an Irish general election.

That is the campaign slogan for the posters next time out. 

Housing, justice, welfare, banks, hospitals, taxes all fits under that 'just society' slogan.

Are people really stupid? The question, too, always has to be answered in any election.

 But as we have twice seen from the new Government in its first weekend, the big question which NEEDS to be addressed is seldom so.