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Updated: 21/07/17 : 13:40:14

Outfox Brassy Blondes This Summer With Surya Brasil Silver Fox

Every blonde knows summer can be murder on your hair.  No matter whether your hair is all-over blonde, balayage or highlighted, your locks are chemically treated or naturally sun-kissed, if you have blonde tresses then by the time autumn rolls around they’re more likely to be distressed.

The problem? Holidays are blonde hair hell.  Swimming pool chlorine and sea salt dries hair out then tropical sunshine fries it, giving your blonde do that orangey hue we all know and try to avoid.  But this year why not sidestep the summer madness and give your hair an SOS with Surya Brasil Silver Fox?

Our all-natural semi-permanent hair dye is loaded with moisturising fruits and plants from the Amazon to deliver a powerful conditioning treatment whilst simultaneously toning down unwanted brassiness (this works also for brassy brunettes). It works great  on frayed highlighted ends making it the best way to cure banjaxed balayage even after one use.

Just apply our gentle, chemical-free vegan colouring at home and take your hair from worn-out and brassy to classy.

Surya Brasil Henna Creams are available from health stores and selected pharmacies or online at priced €13.80.